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... he year in the midst of crisis, decided to enter the market with own brand Pushkink. The main mission of the Pushkink project is providing the market with quality ink of Russian production at an affordable price which does not depend on currency rates and having direct manufacturer responsibility for product quality. PRODUCTION: OWN PRODUCED INKJET INK FOR EPSON, CANON AND HP PRINTERS. ...

... artridges remanufacturing and started experiments of producing own ink. In 2010, the company has experienced an internal crisis and transformed into independent laboratory with a small production, focused on their own development. By 2015, the company Black Block is successfully collaborating with large Russian wholesale distributors and retailers of ink industry as a supplier, and at the en ...

50% focus

... TARY WARE CO, LTD) China, Peoples Republic, Wenzhou, No.608, Haigong Avenue, Longwan Economic Zone, 325000 Tel.: +05 (77) 85230118; +05 (77) 85212022 Linisi focus on producing faucets and bathroom accessories for 20 years. With good quality and competitive prices, the products are warmly welcomed all over the world. We have the certificate of Watermark, C ...

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... LUOYANG DIRON PARTS TRADING FHpcOtyzql, T, 778; СТТ 2016 (T) LUOYANG DIRON PARTS TRADING CO., LTD Founded in 1996, we DIRON PARTS GROUP focus on manufacture of Cylinder Head and Block, also forge Crankshaft for CATERPILLAR, CUMMINS, KOMATSU, HITACHI and DETROIT DIESEL. Besides, as customers need, we also supply OEM, Genuine or quality ...

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... Inter CHARM 2016 (o) MCURE CO., LTD. Mcure Co., Ltd., has been dedicated to R&D continuously over a decade since 2004 year in the field of skincare device & equipment in Korea. Our business goal focuses on the development of new technology/ matching with Customer s requirement 1. Новинки компании Aquapen:- Auto sensing drug injector -To improve the skin for lifting, moisturizing and whitenin ...

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... LINGYIN ELECTRONIC CO., LTD 510450, GUANGZHOU, LINGYIN INDUSTRITY AREA,SHIJING TOWN,BAIYUN DISTRICT,GUANGZHOU ТЕЛЕФОН: +0 (086) 206-11-30-648 ТОРГОВЫЕ МАРКИ: LUNGBA QQCHINAPA We focus on PA system manufacture since 2005. During the 10 years running experience, our products are widely used all over the world., especially for the domestic market. Our Products series including: ...

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... LIMSCO FHpcOtyzql, T, 778; СТТ 2016 (T) LIMSCO CO., LTD AJCE is a real manufacturer in the industry of construction excavator attachments mainly focusing on hydraulic breakers. Since 1990, the South korean factory has been producing all kinds of different parts, from small valves and adapter to big cylinder and piston, so that more than 50 wor ...

50% focus

... ldwide with two Brands, LA FABBRICA and AVA. La Fabbrica specializes in high quality porcelain tile of various sizes, for floor and walls, for indoor and outdoor solutions. AVA is a luxury brand that focuses on the largest porcelain slabs available on the ceramics market (up to 320x160 cm, thickness 6 cm), on Wallpaper offering an astonishing range of graphics and texture and on the glamorous doub ...

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LeDiamond Opto Corporation

... s White reached 180lm per Watt at 5700K (CRI 70), warm white 160lm per Watt at 2700K (CRI 80) mass production Milestone. R&D team has many years of practical experience in the LED package can quickly focus on customer product needs Speed provides solutions to shorten customer development process to reach a win-win with customers. * Декоративное освещение * Комплектующие изделия для светодиодов ...

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... нашей продукции является высокая скорость резки и продолжительный срок службы инструмента. Мы стремимся предоставить своим заказчикам высококачественный алмазный инструмент. We are specializing in focus producing cutting tools for granite, the advantage of our product is high speed cutting, and we also have long cutting life. We aim to provide our customers with high level diamond tools. ...

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Klapp Cosmetics Gmbh

... FOkol, З, 170; IPLS 2016 (З) Klapp Cosmetics Gmbh KLAPP COSMETICS is a leading manufacturer and distributor in the segment of cosmetic products and treatments with the focus on Beauty and Wellness. Since 1980, the founder and sole-owner Gerhard Klapp has actively been driving the company`s destiny. Based on these experiences, KLAPP is a reliable partner for your own ...

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